Europe by Train: The Ultimate Guide

This book is here to help you understand how to use trains to travel through Europe. It will guide you from the moment that you will start planning your trip, through all the things you have to consider when deciding your route, booking your tickets, finding your way in a train station, enjoying the ride and arriving into a new place. This book encloses many years of travelling experi- ence by trains and is here to pass it to you. Learn how to move smart, find the best deals, under- stand the rail passes and the other ticket options, trick the search engines, think about issues that wouldn’t cross your mind, avoid possible trouble and make the most of your adventure.

This is not another tourist guide throwing suggestions about city sightseeing and hotel offers. There are no flashing adds around and “buy now” buttons. There are no “more information” buttons opening in new tabs with scattered information and letting you put the puzzle together. I have been there, I have seen it, I spent many hours trying to understand how things work, using trains, doing mistakes, and learning valuable lessons.

However, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Get the experience provided in this book and do not start as a beginner (or a “tourist” as they say). Read it through chapter-by-chapter, skip chap- ters, find what you are looking for in the table of contents or go front and back and read whatever attracts your attention. There are no rules.

At the end of the story, you cannot get lost. It is a book.




Europe by Train: The Ultimate Guide (ebook -PDF)

How to plan a train trip in Europe, decide on tickets or passes, understand the types of trains, train stations and on board services, plan your trip and…not get lost!


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