La vita e bella..!

Welcome to Italy, the boot shaped country. The place where pizza lovers end up when they die, the realm of the mafia and the elegant ladies strolling down the cobbled streets on high heels.

Italy is one of the most visited countries of the world and most of this phenomenon is thanks to its impressive cities that still exhibit beautiful Roman ruins, its delicious food (who doesn’t love pasta, pizza, lasagna, and gelato?) and its friendly and welcoming people. Trust us, if you go to Italy, especially south, there will always be an Italian grandma to feed you until you can no longer move. 

Apart from this very tasty part of visiting Italy, there is also the common fascination with their ancient traditions and culture along with the need to turn back the hands of time and relive a little bit of history. And Italy has plenty of that! From the magnificent Colosseum of Rome to the famed leaning tower of Pisa, the mesmerizing canals of Venice, the ruins of Pompeii, and finally, the Vatican city. There is not one single place in this European country that does not breathe history. 

Now, if you are not really one for historic places and wish to enjoy some beautiful landscapes, Italy has that too. By traveling to the beautiful lake Como you will experience an unforgettable scenery. The  popular Amalfi coast (which is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site) is also one of those fairy-tale-like places that you must visit by all means. Wanna see the Mediterranean up close and personal? The Cinque Terre coastal region is for you then! You will also find plenty of things to do in the nearby small villages full of people that are eager to welcome you in their homes.

All in all, Italy has it all! There is no reason for you to not visit this gorgeous country if the opportunity presents itself. You won’t regret it at all and might even come back for more. What do you mean more what? More gelato, of course!