Poland: Colorful and welcoming

Each and every country in this world has its own reputation. It doesn’t even matter if it’s good or bad, there will always be stereotypes about the people, places, food, habits or anything else that can be characterized in words. Poland is no exception to that rule. Let’s start with the fact that, unfortunately, most Poles left their country during a time of war and crisis and, as history tells us, they were forced to work for others to stay alive. Thankfully, nowadays, things have drastically changed and these people are now admired and recognized for being smart, polite, welcoming and also, for having a gorgeous country that’s definitely worth visiting if you’re into that. So, no false stereotypes here but wait! There are still some left.

Going to Poland you will definitely have to try their spectacular vodka and figure out yourself why people say that they’re big drinkers. Well, it’s because their alcohol is amazing, that’s why. However, this may come in contradiction with the fact that Poles are religious and pious people. Let’s not forget that the last Pope was Polish. Also, the public opinion is still split over controversial matters, but this happens in almost every country out there, right? 

But let’s talk about more important things, like food for example. Should you ever decide to visit this beautiful European country, you should be aware of these people’s hospitality and the fact that they might not let you leave their home empty-handed and without feeling full to bursting. Just try their pierogi and sauerkraut with the myriad of ways in which they know how to prepare potatoes. It’s an entire culture, trust us!

Poles are also very honest people that will tell you exactly how they feel when you politely ask them on the street. They might not feel “fine” that day and they will tell you this. Extra points for honesty here! You might also become a very honest person when you see those absolutely gorgeous Slavic beauties walking down the street and wonder whether or not you reached heaven. Nop, it’s just Poland my friend!

As for nice places to visit while there, you should definitely have Warsaw on your list. The capital was almost completely destroyed during World War II and rose from its ashes like a Phoenix. Definitely worth seeing and taking in the vibe of this special city. Then there’s Krakow on the Vistula River, which has one of the most beautiful Old Towns in Europe. The Tatra National Park might be the place for you if you want to see nature in all of its splendor, as it’s the incredible Bialowieza Forest. The latter is, in fact, one of the few remnants of the primeval forests that were once everywhere on our planet when beats roamed free. Poland also has monasteries, castles, and landscapes worth your time and you’ll certainly want to return here as soon as possible. If not for the food or tourist attractions, at least for the girls, right?