Oh, the Wonders of France…

When one thinks about France, a few things come to mind without effort: the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame of course, the Louvre and Versailles if you like history and art, cheese, vineyards and baguettes, if you have an eye (or a taste) for good food, the Tour de France cycling event, Disneyland Paris if you have kids. This list is barely a scratch of the things we think about the most when talking about France. And, although all of it is undoubtedly France, it is not only about that. France has an endless number of attractions to offer to any kind of traveler, from the traditional weekend tourist to the more daring voyager. 

Looking for a starting point, a tour around Paris certainly has its appeal: after all, the most romantic city in the world offers a variety of activities and attractions for all tastes. Once that we find ourselves in central France, we can move to the right and travel through Burgundy, the most famous wine-producing region of the country. Or we can go west, exploring the Loire Valley and its ancient castles. The valley is also called the “Cradle of the French” because of its history and the “Garden of France” because of its vineyards. And since we’re here, a small detour to Mont St. Michel is definitely worth it, with its sanctuary and famous tidal movements which make it the most visited site in all Normandy.


Moving South, we have the beautiful Provence region to the east, known worldwide for its history, its splendid waters -like the Côte-d’Azur-, its charming lavender fields and its warm climate. In short, Provence is a true postcard. To the west instead, we find a piece of human history in the Lascaux caves, in Montignac, where we can admire cave paintings over 17,000 years old.

In France you get everything you wished for, if you know where to look: the big cities with their lights if you’re looking for a dynamic stay or the traditional little villages if you wish to explore the countryside. Fashion and art, history and culture, food and wine. It would probably take you a lifetime to explore it all, but it would be an exciting challenge to take on, wouldn’t it?